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If you're interested in a whole new world that is out there, join Povd.com, because for sure, this is the future of porn and all that is possible in it and to do with it.
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The great thing about POV videos is the fact that you can pretend that you’re the one who is participating in the video and fucking the girls, while also having the comfort of your home and your freedom in masturbating all alone until you bust and feel that dopamine hit relaxing you and your nerves.


When you first enter the site, you will see all the videos lined up, and each one of them has a similar story. A girl does something to piss of you off, or she strikes a conversation, and then you get your dick sucked, and you can plow her insides. And you can see all of that just from a minute and a half preview, imagine if you paid for the site? When you enter a particular video, on the right side of it you have a brief description of it, the name of the model, and a few download options, which makes it easy for you to enjoy the content even when your internet connection is down, or you are in some place where you need to be quick and efficient with your masturbation endeavors.

If you want to see the top shit, then you can also browse in the top rated section and see what is voted as the best of this site and enjoy it quick, with no delays and problems. I know you’re also interested in the girls that this site is working with, so let me tell you a little bit about them! You have Scarlett Mae, Kristen Scott, Maya Bijou, and many others that I’m sure you already know. That is everything you need to know about the “artistic” side of the content.

So what you truly get is three hundred and six porn videos with over two hundred pornstars, a choice to download it, videos of high quality, and also a fantastic quantity in all of that. You have a few different prices to choose from, but before you select any of them, you can pay for a one day trial, to test it out, which costs only a dollar. The next membership is the one-month membership, which is $29, and a four months membership which you can purchase for $59, and the last and the least is a full year membership that costs $119. You also get to pay with credit cards like Visa and Master Card and Pay Pal and Epoch.


Navigation is simple and practical because you only have a few buttons that you need to use. If you want to browse through videos in general, click the button scenes/videos. If you want to browse only through the top-rated ones, click the button with the same name. If you only want to see the girls and browse the videos that include your particular girl, then click the button girls. And you can also log in through a button with the same name.


You don’t get any additional sites or perks, but that is okay since POVD stands well even on its own.


In conclusion, the site is impressive, with a bunch of terrific content, great girls, out-of-space quality of scenes, videos, a lot of different download options, it is easy to use, and the girls are beautiful. Plus the prices and deals are fair and decent. In my book, that is everything you will ever need from a porn site.

The following bonus sites are included with your membership to POVD. When you signup to any of these sites, you get instant free access to their entire network of 10 sites.